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Re: Fwd: [Lxde-list] ozon gtk theme


On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 19:54:31 +0100
神癒礁湖 "(Rafael Laguna)" <rafaellaguna@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here I am! I'm glad with your collaboration. What do you send from me
> to send you? I can send the .tar.gz with the theme. Oops, it's
> attached. :D I think I've already removed every Equinox reference and
> substitued with Murrine ones, ans so reuploaded to the wiki.

Just a quick note: you can - if you want - replace your pixmap scrollbar
with a murrine-scrollbar that looks pretty much the same (see
greybird's source for that).
What would in fact be a nice outcome of a cooperation was if the theme
would work for xfce/xubuntu just as well as for lxde/lubuntu. (E.g. Our
theme doesn't include lxde-panel styling, and yours doesn't include
xfce-panel styling.)

One more thing I wanted to mention is whether you're planning on using
any kind of version control software to maintain your artwork, this
could really simplify a lot and make the progress more transparent.
We currently use mercurial, but I personally use git and bazaar as well
so I'd say whatever works for you is fine.

It would be nice to discuss this on irc at some point, at least I think
that would make certain things easier, quicker and more
I'll hang out in #lubuntu from now, so feel free to ping me (ochosi).