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ozone theme


Ok, boys and girls. Thanks to Simon Steinbeiß I've found the correct way
to get rid off Equinox widgets from the Ozone theme. So, if nobody has
any questions about, I've decided to re-edit the wiki and say that this
theme (Ozone) is based on Bluebird (I try to respect the GPL).


* Progress bars look better
* Sliders are now "visible"
* Scrollbars are wider and match

Check it out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork/Incoming/Natty
and don't forget to comment and / or suggest.

Thanks a lot, Simon. Really.

BTW, the Wiki is failing a lot. Have you experienced that some images
disappear, or when updating server may crash and generates an edition
conflict? Or is just me and this f*$·&ing internet connexion?


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