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Re: Members list (and editing information in multiple places)


On 02/01/2011 06:31 AM, Jonathan Marsden wrote:
On 01/31/2011 09:21 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

I've added a Time Zone column, now I just need everyone to go back and
edit their entries!
I respectfully suggest that you don't really need everyone to do that :)

If we need TZ info on this list (as opposed to one click away from the
list as it is already), then why not use the TZ info that people have
already put in their Launchpad accounts, instead of asking everyone to
re-edit the Lubuntu-specific list to add that same info?  Am I missing

Ideally, write some little script to dynamically query LP for the TZ
info, so that we each only have to edit our TZ in one place (on LP) when
we move around :)

Failing that, if we really have to statically duplicate this
information, could I suggest we at least initialize the new column using
the TZ data that is currently in LP for every LP user?

Thinking about this a bit more broadly, there might even be a way to
dynamically generate the entire WhoAreWe page by querying LP about
members of ~lubuntu-desktop ??

As I've wondered this thing, I think there's really no need for time zones.
Like most of you guys seems to live at night from my point of view (which is a normal point of view ;).

And UTC is changed twice a year, there's winter time and summer time (daylight saving) and it requires editing to keep it up-to-date.

I suggest to roll back to Revision 43 and keep the arrangement as latest addition in bottom.

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