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Re: Suggestion: Move these apps from "Preferences" to "System Tools" (UPDATED)



On 02/07/2011 11:36 PM, Kristian Nordestgaard wrote:

> I tested the attached file on a (almost) vanilla install, and it
> worked. I for one find "System Tools" a proper naming, I think.

Thanks.  You replied just to me, but I think you probably intended to
send to the list :)

At the moment we get System -> System Tools -> the_actual_tools .  I
wonder if the double "System" in there is awkward, or not?

Meanwhile, I attemppted to validate my updated enu file, and found it
was invalid (even though it worked fine).  So I have updated it to
something that validates when using

  xmllint --valid -o /dev/null /etc/xdg/menus/lxde-applications.menu

No practical difference, but it is a technically valid XML file now :)