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Re: ENCRYPTION PROBLEM AFTER PERFORMING "Install Lubuntu from Ubuntu or any other Ubuntu flavors"


On 10 February 2011 09:25, Lionel Smith <lsmith0501@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Jared,
> I followed carefully your instructions on the Ubuntu Community Documentation
> site to convert my desktop Ubuntu 10.10 to Lubuntu 10.10, but it has left me
> with the apparently disastrous situation of not being able to get into my
> home folder containing my precious data. I did not back up as I did
> not envisage the problem I'm now faced with.
> Can you help, either directly or by suggesting people I can turn to?
> My knowledge of linux and shell are very meagre.
> If you can't help directly, I'm wondering if you have contacts in London
> (where I live) that could help & you could put me in touch with? I would be
> willing to pay an expert (not a huge amount as I'm on a state pension).
> The problem is detailed in the attachment. Thanks for any help you can give.
> Lionel Smith
> PS I followed the news of the awful floods in Queensland and hope you and
> your friends and family are ok.


Sorry to hear about the situation, I personally have no experience at
all with encrypted drives as I have never used them. So what I am
doing instead is forwarding your email on to the Lubuntu team email
address (lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - for more information
check out the team launchpad site at
https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop so you can join up and follow
the topic) with your attachment so that someone else with more
experience in the issue might be able to assist you.


Lionel has detailed his experience in the attached PDF so if you can
please have a quick read (it's only a page or two) and try to help him
out with his encryption error that would really be appreciated. If you
can also please ensure you have both the list and Lionel's emails in
the "to" or "cc" field as I don't know if he is currently subscribed
to the list and may miss replies if not sent directly to him as well.

Thanks one and all and hopefully we can get this sorted.


Jared Norris

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