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Re: ENCRYPTION PROBLEM AFTER PERFORMING "Install Lubuntu from Ubuntu or any other Ubuntu flavors"



On Fri, 11 Feb 2011 01:07 +0000, "Lionel Smith" <lsmith0501@xxxxxxxxx>
> Jonathan,
> Thank you so much for your valuable time & promising suggestions.
> Being a beginner I'll work my way through them carefully and will let you
> know the eventual outcome.

Sounds good to me. I suggest you also email (cc) the lubuntu-desktop
mailing list, in case I am busy and someone else can "step up" and help
you further.  lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Also, are you familiar with online messaging such as IRC?  This is a way
for people to type at each other "live" which can be a very useful way
to do support remotely.

You can open http://webchat.freenode.net to get started, give yourself a
nickname noone else is using, and get started by joining the channel
#lubuntu -- that is the official LUbuntu support channel on freenode.  I
am often there in the evenings Pacific Time, so if I stay up really late
I *might* be awake if you were to connect in the early morning UK time

Hopefully what I wrote is enough to solve this for you, but if not, I
suspect that helping you "live" might be easier and quicker than
multiple emails back and forth.  If you use Skype and are very lucky,
you *might* find me on that, too... I live in Redlands, California if
you search and find multiple "Jonathan Marsden"'s on Skype.

I'm not normally quite this busy, incidentally... I have my first board
meeting for a board I was just elected to tonight, a talk to finish
writing for a Linux User Group which I am presenting on Saturday, etc.,
in addition to normal work and family demands on my time!

Anyway, just in case, please do cc the mailing list on any "it worked"
or "I tried and *this* happened, what should I try next?" messages.

  Jonathan Marsden