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Hiyas Julien,

well it had to eventually happen... we had a troll on the channels. He's
been kickbanned (I got a load of abuse in PM over it and have been in touch
with freenode over the incident) One of the outcomes was the ubunu irc
council getting in touch with me. To make this long chat as short as
possible I've only included a couple of lines

(14:39:14) jussi: anyway, so you are happy with the Ubuntu IRC Council
lodging a request with freenode that you are included in the #k/x/ubuntu
(14:40:07) phillw: I am, and also have authorisation from our head of dev to
authorise such things.
(14:40:43) phillw: you guys already have access to both areas.
(14:40:43) jussi: ok, excellent. If we have any other issues, we will come
grab you :)

I trust that meets with your approval. I see it as yet another step to full




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