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Lubuntu, energy efficiency and sustainable computing


I am a freelance writing and I am researching energy efficiency and
sustainable computing.  I installed Lubuntu on an old laptop that once
had Windows and had gotten a very, very bad virus.  The machine was just
sitting around my apartment, but I didn't want to throw it in the trash
or give it to a recycling company, some of which don't actually recycle
the machines.  I am looking for two things:

1)  Other Lubuntu users like me.  Did the environment factor into your
decision to start using Lubuntu?  Did you use it to bring an old machine
back to life?
2)  Some data indicating that Lubuntu is more energy efficient.  I've
seen some claims along those lines, but does anyone have any proof that
Lubuntu uses less electricity?

I'm not sure who I'll pitch this story to, assuming that there is one,
but my previous work as been published in the New York Times and
Scientific American.  You can find links to those clips here:
www.johneischeid.com/clips .  You can reply to this list, or reach me at
my personal email address:  john [at] johneischeid.com

Thanks to everyone working on Lubuntu!  I've been very happy with it.  I
tried Ubuntu, but it was a little too much for my old machine, which is
an HP Pavillion with only 512MB of RAM.  Lubuntu works!
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