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Re: Lubuntu, energy efficiency and sustainable computing


Hi John,

I'll add my experience about this :)

Le lundi 14 février 2011 à 19:16 +0000, John Eischeid a écrit :
> 1)  Other Lubuntu users like me.  Did the environment factor into your
> decision to start using Lubuntu?  Did you use it to bring an old
> machine
> back to life?
First, it was for using a small EEEPC (7" screen, 1Ghz, 512 Mo). Lubuntu
(well, it was LXDE at this time :)) bring more speed to this machine. No
sure it extends the battery life, but as it uses less CPU, it should :)

> 2)  Some data indicating that Lubuntu is more energy efficient.  I've
> seen some claims along those lines, but does anyone have any proof
> that
> Lubuntu uses less electricity? 
The only study I'm aware about this is a Phoronix article :
But it's difficult to compare such data, because LXDE/Lubuntu have less
features than a GNOME/Ubuntu.

Julien Lavergne

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