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Re: Benchmarking of Lubuntu themes


Ok. I have data from THIS year. I've made right now, and I  must say
that this is a good practice when you design a new theme, the thing is I
didn't believe that I must demostrate this results, but there's no
problem. Please, check this:

About creating my own test and add to that suite, I don't think that
Matthew (and the other crew) would like to include a specificly
eyecandy-meter as GtkPerf is within a hardware performance tester, I
think it's out of context, And I'm not a coder (well, not now), I'm a
designer, and I design visual interfaces, so yes, I know what kind of
tools I must use for my work, and I sure you that GtkPerf does its job
really well.

Of course, you must explain what kind of machine you're using for all
themes (obviously you can't test in different machines a part of them),
you know that enabling Compiz accelerates a lot the averages,
gtk-window-decorator is faster than metacity, etc. A lot of questions.
Is it relative? I think it's not, because GtkPerf is being used since

I'm not going to talk more about this, I think it's everything clear.
Now make your analisis and choice.


PS. I want to apologyze if my words were missunderstood by somebody and
my reaction is too emotional about this issue.


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