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Re: Ask yourself...


> For me the MOST important function would be support for older machines.

We have to start from one fact: if Lubuntu can run in an acceptable way in
an old machine, it will run incredibly on a newer machine.

> Let me use it with external monitors/TV as a basic media player (HDMI out)

For me, it's a problem of my video driver... so i'm not sure that it's
always a problem about Lubuntu

> Be efficient

And i would add that it has to be beautiful, and the artwork team is doing a
great job keeping both fronts in mind.

Also i would add that Lubuntu is a step forward to save the planet since:
- It's energy efficient
- You don't have to throw away your old machine, since it will revamp a
machine starting from a P2* and above giving you a full and ready to use
desktop in your own language.

* Other OS like Puppy Linux can do this, but THAT is a really stripped


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