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Re: Fw: [Lxde-list] update-notifier causes xscreensaver / gnome-screensaver snafu


On Sat, 26 Feb 2011 12:02:17 +0100
Dan Muresan <danmbox@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > As this is Lubuntu related I have forwarded it to the Lubuntu list <lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Please file a bug on Launchpad, as 10.04 is an LTS version and has another couple of years life left.
> I'll do that... though I'm not sure what component to file against.
I'd file it against update-notifier initially and allow those with a bit more knowledge of these things to decide where the problem really lies.   Make sure you add the tag lubuntu to the bug report.

> Regardless, some of the points I made were not Lubuntu, but
> LXDE-related, so I hope the list won't ignore my message? Even if
> update-notifier can be fixed, who guarantees that some other component
> in the future won't start gnome-screensaver and mess up xscreensaver?
The dev team is quite small, so answers may be a bit slow but I doubt it will be ignored.  Sadly with software getting more and more complex I don't think anybody can make guarantees like that.

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)