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Re: Fw: [Lxde-list] update-notifier causes xscreensaver / gnome-screensaver snafu


Le samedi 26 février 2011 à 12:02 +0100, Dan Muresan a écrit :
> Regardless, some of the points I made were not Lubuntu, but
> LXDE-related, so I hope the list won't ignore my message? Even if
> update-notifier can be fixed, who guarantees that some other component
> in the future won't start gnome-screensaver and mess up xscreensaver? 

There no sign of screensaver in update-notifier code, so it's probably
another component which do that.
Also, having 2 screensavers installed is probably not a good idea. Some
applications assume that gnome-screensaver is the only screensaver in
the world, or other first try to start/interact with gnome-screensaver
before searching which one is started.

The only solution is to remove one of them.

Julien Lavergne

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