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Re: Audio players



2011/2/26 Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset <jpxsat@xxxxxxxxx>

> 2011/2/26 Mike Nokel <mnokel@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi!
>> I have just tested some audio players in my Lubuntu Maverick and I want to
>> share my experience with you. First of all, my testing machine was Asus EEE
>> PC 1015 pn. It has Atom N550 inside and 2 GB of memory.
>> Firstly, I have installed deadbeef. I don't know whether it is a bug or
>> not but after playing from one to three songs it stops playing at all. So
>> this player was removed.
>> Then I have read about audacious in this mail's list. I have installed it
>> and it looked very nice, but used ~28% of my CPU. This was too big for me,
>> so this player was also removed.
>> Then I have found decibel audio player. This one used ~18% of my CPU and
>> had very simple, but nice interface.
>> I have also tried pogo audio player. It used ~16% of my CPU.
>> So, now about two winners in this small compettion in my opinion. First of
>> them is pragha. It is very fast, has simple but nice interface, is coded in
>> C++ and uses ~14% of my CPU. And the second is alsaplayer. It has nice
>> interface, equalizer and some available plugins that can imitate winamp
>> style. It uses ~12% of my CPU. So I think that this is the best one for me.
>> P.S. All of these players use nearly the same amount of memory.
>> P.P.S. All digits were taken from htop utility.
>> Best regards,
>> Mike Nokel
> Mike:
> I tried severall players for Lubuntu, and for me audacious win because:
> - CPU doesn't get over 18% on an P3 at 768(1000) mhz
> - It was the app consumming less RAM among all (this is a hard point to me
> because at the time i did those tests i use to have 256ram)
> - I can throw to it almost anything, it's codecs are very large
> The amount of CPU you're experiencing it's maybe due that you tried it
> freshly installed or changed from GTK skin to winamp skin or viceversa... in
> those cases the cpu consuming gets crazy (don't know why). Just try it after
> a reboot without touching anything to the conf :)
> In an old machine i have, it is the only player that i could get to work
> without messing with the sound output.
> Julien also commented something about audacious development that was a good
> thing to Lubuntu...
> Anyway, i will test those players you're pointing, maybe effectively one of
> them is better than audacious... i'm having some desapointments with the
> latest versions of it (but i hope they will fix it)
> --
> Jpxsat

Decibel has gstreamer dependecies... something that in Lubuntu i don't think
we are very friend of.
Pogo and Pragha are not in the repositories (at least for 10.04) so it
generates a problem for the Lubuntu team as they have to take in charge
another package... (and so, i didn't even tried them)
Alsa-Player is in the repos, no huge dependencies and it really impressed me
about the cpu consumption, but taking a quick look at it, resulted that it's
a very incomplete software... starting with the fact that it has no autoplay
:( Audacious if a little more heavy for the CPU but it's a very complete
piece of software ;)


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