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Re: Fw: [Lxde-list] update-notifier causes xscreensaver / gnome-screensaver snafu


> There no sign of screensaver in update-notifier code, so it's probably
> another component which do that.

I've seen that, but the fact remains that when removing
update-notifier.desktop gnome-screensaver doesn't pop up.

The screensaver gets launched indirectly by the user's (session) dbus
-- I'm not sure exactly what triggers this stupidity.

> Also, having 2 screensavers installed is probably not a good idea. Some

Some users on this computer run lxde, some run Gnome. Having to
uninstall packages to keep software behaving normally is...

> applications assume that gnome-screensaver is the only screensaver in
> the world, or other first try to start/interact with gnome-screensaver
> before searching which one is started.

Those are bugs. But yes, given such bugs, I asked whether lxde should
stick with xscreensaver any longer. That was one of my points.

> The only solution is to remove one of them.

Again, keep in mind that multiple users may log onto the same computer
using different desktop environments. The whole freedesktop stuff was
designed to grant more freedom of choice, not to create a rigid

Besides, lxde depends on xscreensaver and ubuntustudio-desktop depends
on gnome-screensaver. I'm not going to remove either.

-- Dan

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