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A new (very) alpha ISO to test: Announcing the arrival of lubuntu-natty-alpha-20110228-i386.iso


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Announcing the arrival of lubuntu-natty-alpha-20110228-i386.iso

This is a very unofficial first attempt at publishing an Lubuntu ISO
created in a fully automated way.

It is, if anything, even more alpha than alpha2, because it was
created by jmarsden and not by gilir.  Use it at your own risk!

On the plus side, it is more up to date than alpha2, and so includes
gucharmap for those who want it, and a few other recent bugfixes and

Issues with this ISO that are not also issues in alpha2 are likely to
be Jonathan's responsibility -- please do not bug Julien about them!

The remarkable thing about this ISO is that it exists and at least
somewhat works, *not* that it is bug-free or perfect or anything even

Please only download it if you will test it.  When it finishes
uploading, it should become available at:


Please report all issues/bug/ideas related to using it to its creator,
jmarsden, on irc.freenode.net in #lubuntu (or #lubuntu-offtopic if
that is where you find him).  Email to the mailing list at
lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is also fine, but please be very
sure to mention in your email that you are using the
lubuntu-natty-alpha-20110228-i386.iso created by jmarsden.

Please do not file bugs in Launchpad for issues that are only seen in
this ISO.  This is not an official Lubuntu release :)

It is planned to create and publish Lubuntu ISOs like this weekly from
now until the final 11.04 release, so everyone can test with a recent


Jonathan Marsden
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 * A build including all language-pack-gnome-* packages resulted in an
   833 MByte ISO, so this one only has the de,en,es,fr,nl ones.
   Whether Lubuntu needs the language-pack-gnome-* packages needs
   discussing with Julien.

 * On some people's machines, this ISO does not boot in virtualbox.
   Why, and why it is inconsistent across different machines, needs
   further work to discover.

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