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Re: ISO size and language packs (was: Re: A new (very) alpha ISO to test: Announcing the arrival of lubuntu-natty-alpha-20110228-i386.iso )


Am Montag 28 Februar 2011, um 21:34:16 schrieb Jonathan Marsden:
> ...
> I take it the maximum ISO image size we are aiming for is 700MB, i.e.
> 700 * 1024 * 1024 = 734003200 bytes?
> If so, then the current Lubuntu default package set for Natty is a LOT
> oversize (132.2MBytes oversize!), if we use all the GNOME language
> packs.  Does this mean Lubuntu needs to go on a "crash diet" and lose a
> bunch of packages??

Hmm... Lubuntu Natty will use 2.6.38 as kernel I think. This kernel introduces 
support for xz compressed (based upon lzma algorithm) squashfs images. So if 
we will use this compression for creating the filesystem.squashfs we could fit 
and even get way under the 700 MB barrier.  

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