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Alpha 3 intitial test and some problems.


Initial impression of the new Alpha 3 ISO.
As the drive was a corrupt FAT32 windows disk I let it install over the whole disk.  This it did with out any problems.  Although, due to a dodgy BIOS, it did attempt to name the machine 'steve-VT8363-Invalid-entry-length-0-DMI-table-is-broken-Stop' :)
As the machine has no ethernet port I didn't test the download updates option, I'll do this later when I find a NIC.

In use I found LxRandR didn't save the screen settings between boots.
The Ubuntu font is not used everywhere.  The title bars for instance are still sans.

I'll carry on testing and see what else I can find/break :)

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)


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