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Summarize of UDS regarding Lubuntu



This is a quick summarize of the UDS, and some impacts on Lubuntu
development :

== Lubuntu and official status ==

Like said during the session, we are on track for official status.
Infrastructure problems are going to be solved and Lubuntu adding to the
list of flavors. We have all the authorizations for it, so I'm pretty
sure it will happen this cycle. Once we have a build to test, I can
announce the "birth" of Lubuntu :)

We will have to work on stabilize the new ISOs, but I'll write again
when it will be available.

== Work during this cycle ==

Like said during the session, a lot of work will be necessary to be
ready for gtk3 migration. I don't expect many new exciting features,
unless others people come and help and various projects.

== Rewrite of the TODO page ==

To help to know where there is work to do, I re-used my TODO page for
Lubuntu to be used by others. You can find it on :

Let me explain the different sections :
 * Bitesize : It's little bugs that should be easy to fix, and are
suitable for new comers.

 * Projects : It's more than bitesize :) It's more difficult / long to
implement, suitable for people who want to work on a more long-term

 * Discussed projects : items that are discussed, but we are not sure if
it's useful, suitable, or possible for Lubuntu.

 * Packaging : items relative to packaging, for Debian or Ubuntu.

 * Upstreaming : it's tasks to be done directly on upstream side.

 * Project Organization : task for the general organisation of the

 * Documentation : Various items for documentation.

 * Later / To triage : not up to date, don't look at it :)

When you want to work on an item, you should put your name at the
beginning of the line, or put your name in the table. It should avoid
duplicate work.

== Other ==
All should be summarize in the TODO page. If I missed something, let me

Julien Lavergne