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Re: Lubuntu 11.04 translation errors


thank you for your reply.Just to give more feedbacks over this issue I would like to inform you thatafter selcting the chinese language (zh_cn) on the log-in window at start upfrom the list:- I will always have the date on the top right of the log-in window written inchinese even I select any different language and reboot or shutdown and restart severaltimes.- I cannot have anymore a selection of languages in case I want to switch languageWhe I installed lubuntu I had a dropdown selection box for the language showing "default" an "more"written in my language (italian) .. I selected "more" and it showed a second menu containing just a fewselections just italina english in many flavours and a few ones I cannot remember and chinese (zh_cn)first I choosed en_gb, then get back in it_it and then I choosed zh_cn .. after that the second menuis only showing the chooses I made en_gb, it_it and zh_cn .. no way to get more languages
Le Friday 13 May 2011 à 18:32 +0200, write@xxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
> I would like to advice the community of a little problem of
> translation. Installing the new lubuntu 11.04, if you right-click on
> the desktop a context menu is shown with "Create New..." as first row
> In italian this might be "Nuovo" as it was in the previous version
> 10.10 
> I also tried to change the language on loggin-in selecting for example
> chinese and this row always remains shown in english as "Create
> New...", maybe it can't be translated anymore in the new version
> 11.04 
It's because the translations are not up-to-date in Lubuntu. It should
be fixed in the next version.

> A second minor thing: I also noticed that if you move the mouse over
> the shutdown icon on the bottom right a pop-up menu is shown with the
> label "Shutdown", the same of the previous version 10.10 but in my
> opinion this would be better translated as "Chiudi". 
Thanks for the report. It's actually  a real bug, see

Julien Lavergne

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