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Re: Lubuntu and Accessibility


On 05/23/2011 04:58 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> From a general chat to our head of development on lubuntu, he is of
> the opinion that if the code is really (and I mean really) tight,
> that it would be possible to include within the very tight
> constraints that we are committed to be able to uphold the inclusion
> of accessibility and has agreed that we should really strive to
> attain this.

Whether it is possible depends a lot on what is meant by "the inclusion
of accessibility"!

Has the relevant champion of this idea (You?  Someone in the Ubuntu
Accessibility team?  Other?) created a blueprint outlining in a fair
amount of detail what exactly they are looking for by way of new
accessibility-related features in Lubuntu 11.10 Oneiric?

Without that, developers are going to be unable to determine whether or
not they might have time/energy/interest/skills to do the work.

In other words, please write a clear specification before asking
developers to implement it :)