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Re: The need to improve Lubuntu bug filing



Thanks for your help. However, as I said in Alpha 1 announcement, bugs
on the ISO will probably be invalid when we will switch to the official
ISO building infrastructure.

Le Friday 03 June 2011 à 10:47 -0700, Lance a écrit :
> 1) The Lubuntu Alpha1 Live CD boots to a tty, so you have to type
> startx to get the DE.
I saw it sometimes, restarting lxdm or just waiting "fix" the problem. 

> 2) The default DE lacks restart or shutdown buttons.
Screenshot needed :)

> 3) Upon completing the installation I was asked whether to restart or
> keep using the Live DE as usual. I chose to restart and the CD ejected
> as expected but the screen was just blank. So I removed the CD, closed
> the tray and hit enter, but nothing happened. I tried some common key
> combos but finally had to use the reset button on my box to complete
> the restart. 
Never see it, but pressing reboot button should not hurt too much :)

Julien Lavergne

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