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 Hi julien,

As we progress towards 11.10, the two 'help areas' for documentation are
becoming impossible to keep in synch. I know you did ask if we could
manually divert every single page from
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp to
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu and initially I thought that it
was not a major undertaking. I was wrong.

I'd rather we take a slight hit with a general divert from the
DocumentationHelp go straight to the 'new' area, sooner rather than later.
There will be a notification on the old area, I need to check if setting up
a 'section' divert is possible. Regardless of that, we need to have the docs
on the community section and off the lubuntu dev section.

The down side? Old Bookmarks will be invalid.
The up side? We comply fully with best practices.

There is a summer of wiki coming up, and I have been told that as a part of
it, we can have eager volunteers crawl over every page and inform us /
correct any missing links. One of the few perks of being a wiki admin
person, if they need one for a task on any page / area I have agreed to

As a wiki admin, I will ensure, and sworn to do, that there are backups held
of any and every page deleted both locally on my computer and on my server
(the one who holds the iso's).

With all that is going on, and the recent push to check the 'new' area, I do
feel that it is time to get this 'little' step done so that everyone knows
which page(s) to update.

@ everyone As per a wedding.... speak now, or forever hold your peace. The
initial transfer done by Zach was amazing, now we just need to finish it




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