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Re: Proposed changes to lubuntu-desktop


On 06/08/2011 08:01 AM, Markus Brummer wrote:

> For 2), you can now remove "useless" programs and install
> alternatives, and still keep lubuntu-desktop installed (I currently
> use lubuntu-core and install what I need on top of that).

Why?  What is the value of being able to "still keep lubuntu-desktop"?

The only benefit of changing the depends to recommends is that it avoids
the questions from people who do not realize that removing the
lubuntu-desktop metapackage is 100% safe -- your machine will not
suddenly stop running Lubuntu if you remove that metapackage :)

Can you please explain why are you avoiding using lubuntu-desktop, just
because you want to customize your package set afterwards?  You simply
use lubuntu-desktop, and go ahead and customize your package set,
removing lubuntu-desktop when so prompted.  No harm results.

Incidentally, at the moment, making that change from depends to
recommends could break the Lubuntu ISO build script, since it installs
lubuntu-desktop using --no-install-recommends, by design.  See line 81 of


This was changed experimentally in the recent Oneiric Alpha1 release,
and one result was that all language packs etc. had to be dropped to
make extra space on the CD image to make room for what was pulled in :)

That script and build process is becoming obsolete anyway, so this
information is probably (hopefully!) of only historical value... but
until that really happens, your proposed change to lubuntu-desktop would
have considerably greater consequences than you seem to realize.


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