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Re: Proposed changes to lubuntu-desktop


On Tue, 7 Jun 2011 13:06:28 -0400
Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset <jpxsat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >From a very-humble user point of view:
> I use Libre Office + Gnumeric (Abiword can't convince me). As i read
> recently, Libre Office is getting performance improvements, but the problem
> is still the ram consumption vs the ram used by abiword (i use LO for writer
> and slideshows, but gnumeric is a magnificient tool), LO is an option? It
> could bring a slideshow editor to Lubuntu... Let individually decide but my
> guess is that Lubuntu should remain with abiword & gnumeric for the concept.
> Midori: in many ways it could be best than chromium, but as PCMAN said, it's
> not stable at all .
Try running Libre/open Office on a 160 MIB, 300MHz machine and I think you'll find it just becomes unpleasant.  Abiword does everything I need of a word processor, and I install it on Ubuntu as Libre/Open Office is just cumbersome.
As somebody who has had to sit through endless 'slide show' presentations I believe it may be one of the worst uses for a computer ever.
I have Midori on one machine and keep trying it. It seems to take two steps forward then one back.  It has a way to go before it is a real alternative to FF or Chromium, sadly.

> Games: ace of penguins is faster than anything, but they're not "cool" at
> all. Everybody i've shown this says something like "looks ugly, how can i
> configure it?". There's nothing better around?
Ace of Penquins is probably best described as functional ;) but, who needs 'looks' in card games anyway?  There is however a set of icons being produced, slowly, for it. \o/

> PDF viewers: i'm with Rafael on this, Evince is the best choice there is
> (besides, it can read a lot of formats, not only pdf ;)
Evince does appear to be the most functional of PDF reader on Linux.

> xscreensaver makes my installations crash on every old computer i own, i
> already said this on the mailing list: it's heavy and it consumes energy
> displaying something fancy on the screen instead of just a black screen or
> turn it off (clearly i don't like it...); but it locks the screen, so it's
> necessary.
I have nothing nice to say about screen-savers so will say nothing.

> xchat as i know is on discussion as i read recently... Pidgin would be the
> option.
I hate Pidgin and will install XChat if it isn't installed by default.

I say stick with what we've got and lets get Lubuntu twiddled and polished.

Remember when suggesting applications that the target is a couple of hundred MHz CPU and 128 MiB of RAM.

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)


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