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Re: [Lubuntu 12.04] No LTS


>> I wanted to react about the fact that Lubuntu 12.04 will not be a LTS
>> version. I think it is a really bad news. Is there really no chance
>> that Lubuntu 12.04 be a LTS version ? Is the work too hard to maintain
>> a version during 3 years ? 
>Well, we don't really have the choice. Currently, I can't guarantee than
>we will have people to maintain Lubuntu during 3 years. 3 years, it's
>long, and we have barely enough devs to maintain current releases.
>Previous LTS releases were Ubuntu and Kubuntu, because they had enought
>devs on Ubuntu side (Ubuntu Desktop team and Kubuntu Team) and enough on
>upstream team (GNOME and KDE). There are also companies support which
>make easier the long term support.
>However, as 12.04 will be a LTS for Ubuntu, we will do our best to
>maintain as much as we can this release, as long as we can, but I can't
>ensure the 3 years support.
>I hope I answer your question.
>Julien Lavergne

Thanks for your answer. I understand very well that it might be a very hard work to maintain an OS, especially for a small team.
I would to thank you and all Lubuntu's team for the work which has been made on the distro, and good luck for the next.

Kind regards,
Pierre Gobin