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Re: Minimal Install issue in Wiki


> I used the alternate to install to an old laptop 1.3 GHz Celeron M & 256
> Mb RAM (since upgraded).
> Ubiquity kept crashing & the alternate worked just fine.  It gave me a
> full Lubuntu install.
> Today I have used the Mini iso to install to a Compaq TC1000 Tablet with a
> 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe CPU & 256 Mb RAM (possibly 512,it's a bit unclear).
> No, I don't know what a Crusoe CPU is either.  For the tablet I want the
> ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 'stuff' on there & I'll try to build something half
> workable from there.  All I have at the moment is a browser, window manager
> & synaptic, pretty much.  I'm going to start on wireless tomorrow.
> I never thought I'd see the day I'd be doing this kind of thing, you guys
> have inspired me to be brave :)
Back in the change of the millenium there was a common question that was
directed to Linus when he was talking some where: What does Transmeta do?
Usually couple of hands got rised with same question.

Oh well, later Transmeta released Crusoe CPU which was totally low energy
consumption CPU, a huge improvement on laptop markets (flybook for
example). Later Transmeta got purchased by VIA. You can read more about it
from wikipedia for example.

And yes Minimal CD is da thing, smartest way to install operating system.
And when you install lubuntu-desktop meta package, it will fetch the whole
thingie. lubuntu-core installs just the core, basics to build your desktop.

Laters ;)