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Re: Integrate obkey (or the like)?


On 28 December 2011 14:38, Martin Olesen <skovprodukter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Wasn't it better to use the same application for keybindings as in
> Ubuntu rather than including something new? Everybody benefits from as
> much recycling as possible.

My understanding was that the Ubuntu "keybinder" wouldn't work on
Lubuntu (ibus vs. openbox??), which is why this coder developed obkey.
Could be quite wrong there, though, so open to correction!

> Also, 'Development is halted' looks scary to me.

I *think* that's because it's stable and does what it's supposed to
do, not because it is almost-there-but-abandoned. I've used it myself
and it's pretty simple and solid -- though it could certainly use some

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