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comms and Lubuntu Support Team.


Hi gang!

*Comms: *
They have an immediate focus on things like getting the blog up and running
(my task). Jens has asked that he may interview someone from each team so
as to better advertise who we are and our structure. I know that you will
take the time out for that. The human face of the people who 'are' lubuntu.
There may be times when Jens needs to be able to confirm / deny a story
that leaks out quickly so as to enforce that the
https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-comms is THE place to get 'correct'
information as opposed to rumours. I ask, therefore, that the devs would
join that area so that any news from them does not languish in the
moderation queue. There is no need to join the ML unless you want to. For
every other member of lubuntu who is an advocate, please do join & let
comms know what you are doing.

*Lubuntu Support Team: *

Ali is more than happy to take the role of co-ordinator of LST (not be
confused with LTS). The basis of this is going to be:

The new lubuntu-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list can be only for
support-related discussion, stuff like: "I think *this* issue is a FAQ, has
anyone else been asked something like this?", or "Help, I don't know the
answer to *that*, but I think it matters, any ideas on a solution or
workaround anyone?".

Regarding having a visible tracking list of
currently important/unanswered/might be a FAQ kinds of support issues, I'd
suggest a wiki page would be a logical medium for the team to use to
maintain such a list.

(Thanks JM for that insight)

*Bug reporting and LST: *

Whilst not wishing to discourage people from logging bug reports, most of
my mail from the bug-team is actually "This is a duplicate of bug xxxxxx".
I'd like to mention that an apport raised bug is easily checked to see if
the bug is already there. I know that n00bs do not know how to check. For
the rest of us, if there is doubt if it is a bug, or a feature that is not
there (Wish List), or a possible mis-configuration of customising their
system - would they please ask before logging a bug via launchpad, this
also applies to "what do I log it against".  I'll link the bug reporting
system wiki page to the LST wiki page

Well, as they say at marriages... for all those who disagree with this
creation of the two new groups ground rules, speak now or else wait until
they have all being running a while and we can fine tune them.

So, that is v0.99 for each of those two teams.

And just to prove it is not all bad news, The
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation has had its first
tidy up, there is still work to be done to get the 'old' areas off it and
onto their own areas. We are making progress! The full tidying up of our
wiki areas will take some time and I'd like to thank Chris for not
resigning as soon as he saw the task!