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Applicants to be operators in #lubuntu


Hi all,

we have the following applicants to be operators in the #lubuntu channel

Benjamin Kerensa https://wiki.ubuntu.com/bkerensa
Benny Hult https://wiki.ubuntu.com/bioterror
Chris Druif https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MrChrisDruif
Jared Norris https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JaredNorris
Jens Leineweber https://wiki.ubuntu.com/nrwlion
Miia Ranta https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Myrtti
mohi https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mohan_chml
Phill Whiteside https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw
Steffan Wood https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SteffanWood
stlsaint https://wiki.ubuntu.com/stlsaint
Unit 193 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unit193

We will be processing the list later this week so your comments would be appreciated as soon as possible. We will take all comments into consideration and consider how each applicant meets the requirements here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements and we look forward to welcoming a load of new operators very soon.