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Re: Recruiting Testers (Was: Re: A New Team Leader for Lubuntu QA)


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Am 06.11.2013 10:54, schrieb Ali Linx (amjjawad):
> On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 1:51 PM, Jörn Schönyan <joern.schoenyan@xxxxxx
> <mailto:joern.schoenyan@xxxxxx>> wrote:
>     I already asked in the forums, but if someone really hears the
>     call for testing, it is no problem for me that I hold my hand over
>     and talk to them until this questions are cleared.
>     Jörn
> Hi,
> No worries, my friend and thank you for your help and support. As long
> as it is on a Forum, there is absolutely no need to rush. If someone
> will post on that thread, it will go up and so on. Once we have some
> update regarding the roles of both QA TL and Release Manager, we will
> ask you to update the thread and then, the real fun will begin :D
> Do we need to learn German Language ? :P
Of course I told them that we have a lot of different native languages
and english is our language for communication, so that they really
should have some knowledge about the english language :-)
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