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Re: Back on 13.10 release - Lxsession Edit


On Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:24:18 +0100
Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> - Change in autostart applications : all applications in /etc/xdg and
> .config/autostart/ was disable by default. That's was a design decision to
> reduce the number of applications launching randomly. It was replaced by an
> application to define more clearly what applications you want to start by
> default (with lxsession-default-app). With some feedbacks, I think it was a
> bad idea, it confused too much people. So, I turned this off by default
> upstream, and I'll also do it in Lubuntu in 14.04. That was also the goal
> of 13.10, doing experimentations.
> If you want to turn it off now manually, go to lxsession-default-app =>
> Autostart => Set « no » to « Disable autostarted applications ? »
> - Remove lxsession-edit
> It was also replaced by lxsession-default-app, all the functionalities are
> now in lxsession-default-app => Autostart, but also if you set « no »to
> « Disable autostarted applications ? »

I have tried lxsession edit and I didn't understand the features provided by the
different actions.

I have shown it to someone else (who is quite keen with computers) and he said the same
thing. "No idea what these actions do".

I just wanted to let you know.


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