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Re: Minimum and recommended RAM to install Lubuntu Trusty


On 03/27/2014 12:39 PM, JM wrote:
On Thu, 27 Mar 2014 12:29:56 +0400
Ali Linx <ali.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That said, as per my +3 years endless tests, the Recommended RAM for
Lubuntu 'must be' IMHO = 512MB

If you will ever mention 'minimum' then you should mention too that:
"please note that your machine will not work as expected after installing."

Let's be 'extra' clear when we're dealing with our users if we do care
about them. This is 'very' important IMHO.

To me, it is totally non-sense to even waste time to test that on less
than 256MB RAM simply because your machine will not handle one open tab
say Facebook or Gmail. As for YouTube, you should mention a huge red
label note that those with less than 512MB should forget YouTube and
watching movies.

Bonjour Melodie,

I clearly agree with that, which might in some cases not be even enough, as the hardware
when old would often need some checks and some care.

Thank you and I do strongly agree with you.

This has taught me a lot.

I admit. I was blind when I was contributing to Lubuntu for 2 year. I've ignored all the voices that were trying to explain what I just did. When you fall in love, you be blind. Then, when I left and started to poke other challenges and started to deal with real hardware myself and I can assure to anyone that I have learned a lot and have seen what I haven't ever seen in my entire life before. Each machine, new story. You can't imagine that unless you try it yourself.

That said, being honest and accurate with users is a high priority and false hopes shouldn't be given no matter what.

Nice to read from you, JM :)


Thank you!