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Re: Desktop i386 beta 2 workaround for not starting


Thanks. I couldn't see any swaps when getting to the CLI after the installer of the ISO halts loading.
There is an Xorg crash dump shown in /var/crash.
I have noticed that this bug is now assigned as Bugzilla 89749 to the Xorg Project Team.


meets@xxxxxx schreef op 29-3-2015 om 14:23:
Hi, If this is only a matter of testing the installer, once you are on the desktop you can stop zram. In the console, "sudo service zram-config stop", then check the swaps: $ cat /proc/swaps $ sudo swapoff /dev/zram0 or both /dev/zram0 and /dev/zram1 if you have several (depending on how many processors seen). Then you can retry the installer and see if it helps (it works) or if it is unrelated (it still doesn't work). Keep checking the /var/crash directory for files. Best regards, Mélodie