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Re: Fwd: Gearing up for 15.04 image testing


Den 2015-04-14 09:53, Henk Terhell skrev:
> In my opinion there is too limited test data to conclude whether Lubuntu
> 15.04 i386 is working as too few tests have been done.
> My experience up to version 20150413 (which I will try today) is as
> follows. In the recent days I have tested a number of 32bit daily's in
> two single core machines and one dual core machine but none of these
> dvds could be booted to either live session or to manual disk
> partitioning, with bug #1432843. The dvds were burned with either
> Windows ISO Workshop or Linux XBurner, but this made no difference. All
> dvds are starting up but are hanging at some point. Crash dump is about
> Xorg. The 3 PC's I do the testing on all have nvidia cards.
> The amd64 vivid could be installed several times without problems on the
> dual core machine.
> Moreover I have crashed I think three alpha i386 installations when
> trying to upgrade to beta.
> Only the alternate i386 could be installed in the recent days.
> Meanwhile I have also installed on two machines Debian Jessie daily
> which are OK (but not so user friendly as Lubuntu).
> Istimsak Abdulbasir schreef op 14-4-2015 om 02:30:
>> Yeah, I am one of the people who were able to get some 32bit images
>> booting on my system. The other flavors worked fine except for lubuntu
>> 32bit. I believe it had something to do with the xsever not supporting
>> my GPU.
>> Walter is right. It is hard for developers to fix bugs if they don't
>> have the hardware to perform the testing on. It would be like finding
>> a needle in a stack of needles. Luckily, Xubuntu is my primary
>> favorite. We'll just have to see what happens.

Hi Henk,

Nvidia may be a clue to a solution. The computers where I have problems
with Lubuntu Vivid i386 have nvidia graphics chips too.

Best regards

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