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Re: LXDE in Ubuntu


On Sat, 25 Apr 2015 07:43:59 -0700
Walter Lapchynski <wxl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have an idea for some manual testing and wanted to run it past you
> guys and see what you think. I should preface this by saying that
> there is no other flavor that does something similar.
> Of course I'm not sure every flavor has the same problem to solve: we
> regularly get users in the support channel on IRC that are having some
> sort of problem or another with installing lubuntu-desktop in some
> other flavor, mostly Ubuntu. I struggle to deal with these at times
> because I'm unsure of what other variables may be affecting the weird
> behavior.
> I was thinking we could write an optional testcase that involves
> installing Ubuntu (standard install), then installing lubuntu-desktop,
> and going through a prescribed set of tests to do really basic things
> like shutdown, restart, use the file manager, etc.
> In the end this may allow LXDE to be more useful across the Ubuntu ecosystem.
> Comments?


I am not sure what you would want to achieve? Would you want to find what goes wrong when
a lubuntu-desktop install interferes with other flavors? Or have I not exactly understood?

If this is what you are wishing to know, I could provide one or two pointers. If not, can
you give more information?

Best regards,



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