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Re: Duplicate applet icons for online help etc 'â' and network-manager (nm-applet)


On 2015-08-25 ISO i386 desktop manual installation I saw the nm-applet icon as well as the virtual keyboard icon (â) shown twice on the panel upon first boot. After reboot (w/o any other action) only one nm-applet is shown, but the second â-icon keeps coming back.

Selecting panel preferences > Indicator applets > Preferences, toggling none/on there remains only one of each, but the duplicate â-icon reappears after reboot .


Op 25-8-2015 om 12:44 schreef Phill. Whiteside:
All the ISO's went on a binge after Julien had trimmed them. He was unsure as to what caused it and it would appear that he has still not to the bottom of it.

As the Beta 1's are landing, we can keep an eye out for this bug as we test them all. I didn't see it on the alternate 32 bit install last night.

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