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Re: XtraDB commit


Vadim Tkachenko <vadim@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ok, Got it.  While mysql_plugin  is not available is it  OK if I send
> changeset for review manually ? Though it is rather big, as there a lot
> of changes InnoDB -> InnoDB plugin.

I think that is fine, please do. Though if it is bigger than 10 Mb or so it
may be rejected by some mail systems.

> I may push to another three and propose for merge, in this case you also
> will be able to review changeset.

Feel free to do this as well. We are not really using the Launchpad model of
pushing to own branch and make merge request. But it would be good to get some
experience with it in case it could work better for us. Though it seems to not
produce diffs in the mails, which does not fit the current review model. It
does make it much easier for people to try/use the code (as opposed to just
the patch).

If you upgrade your local bzr repository to version 1.9 (and use bzr >1.9
obviously), launchpad uses 'stacked branches', which means that when you push
a new branch to launchpad it only has to transfer the new changeset. This
makes creating new branches quite cheap (though xtradb may still take some
bandwidth I assume ;-).

 - Kristian.

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