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Re: XtraDB commit



Ok, Got it.  While mysql_plugin  is not available is it  OK if I send
changeset for review manually ? Though it is rather big, as there a lot
of changes InnoDB -> InnoDB plugin.

I may push to another three and propose for merge, in this case you also
will be able to review changeset.


Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Vadim Tkachenko <vadim@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I did yesterday commit to lp:maria where I replaced InnoDB by XtraDB,
>> but I do not see message with commit to
>> maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
>> Is there something special I need to do that commit is sent to mail-list ?
> Yes.
> You need to install the mysql plugin for bzr. I think you just place the
> mysql_plugins/ directory under ~/.bazaar/plugins/
> But where to get the mysql_plugins? They are GPL'ed (according to the license
> in the directory), but it does not appear to be publicly available anywhere at
> this point. I asked Monty Taylor (who wrote the plugins with Chad Miller), and
> he said he would check if it was possible to get them released publicly.
> After installing the plugins, configure them in ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf
>     [DEFAULT]
>     launchpad_username = knielsen
>     allow_remote_options = mysql
>     email = knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>     per_file_commits = On
>     post_commit_mailer = smtplib
> modified for personal circumstances.
> And finally, make sure that local mail sending works. That should be it.
> Hopefully, Monty Taylor will get the mysql plugins released. But otherwise, he
> told me that the commit mails are based on bzr-email, so we could probably
> switch to using that without too much trouble.
>  - Kristian.

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