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Re: XtraDB commit


Vadim Tkachenko <vadim@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I did yesterday commit to lp:maria where I replaced InnoDB by XtraDB,
> but I do not see message with commit to
> maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
> Is there something special I need to do that commit is sent to mail-list ?


You need to install the mysql plugin for bzr. I think you just place the
mysql_plugins/ directory under ~/.bazaar/plugins/

But where to get the mysql_plugins? They are GPL'ed (according to the license
in the directory), but it does not appear to be publicly available anywhere at
this point. I asked Monty Taylor (who wrote the plugins with Chad Miller), and
he said he would check if it was possible to get them released publicly.

After installing the plugins, configure them in ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf

    launchpad_username = knielsen
    allow_remote_options = mysql
    email = knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    per_file_commits = On
    post_commit_mailer = smtplib

modified for personal circumstances.

And finally, make sure that local mail sending works. That should be it.

Hopefully, Monty Taylor will get the mysql plugins released. But otherwise, he
told me that the commit mails are based on bzr-email, so we could probably
switch to using that without too much trouble.

 - Kristian.

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