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Re: bzr commit into MariaDB 5.1, with Maria 1.5:maria branch (knielsen:2698)


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I suggest you re-commit all of the changes as a single commit (this is
> generally preferred in Maria development), or at least add a good commit
> message (eg. mention fixing the BUILD/ scripts). Also, you should add per-file
> commit messages; one way to do this I know of is using the `bzr gcommit`
> plugin (I personally do not like per-file commit messages much, but in Maria
> development they are generally preferred).

You asked on IRC what I meant with 're-commit'.

There are at least two ways:

1. Make a diff of your old tree, then clone a fresh branch of mariadb, apply
   your diff to that tree with `patch`, and commit the result:

    cd my-original-tree
    bzr diff -r2697 > ../mypatch
    cd ..
    bzr branch lp:maria my-new-tree
    cd my-new-tree
    patch -p0 -s < ../mypatch
    # You can do any additional changes you want here
    bzr gcommit

2. Use `bzr uncommit` to remove the previous commits (but not the related
   changes) in your tree, then do a new commit:

    cd my-original-tree
    bzr uncommit -r2697
    # You can do any additional changes you want here
    bzr gcommit

(Git has a `git-rebase` command to automate this, and I think there was a
similar rebase plugin for bzr, haven't tried it though).

The main point in either case is that you get to revise the commit message. A
smaller point is that you get things collected in a single commit. Having
fewer changesets is the generally prefered way for maria development (for
other development I personally prefer each independent change in its own
changeset, like the Linux kernel people do with their quilt patches, but it is
best to follow a common style for maria).

Hope this helps, else ask again. It is also ok to just commit your additional
changes and push them to your original tree if you are not comfortable with
re-committing, and I will handle it when I merge it into the main tree.

 - Kristian.

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