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Buildbot questions



I've got several questions for our instance of buildbot:

Grid display (http://askmonty.org/buildbot/grid) is very nice, but it
would be even nicer if one could display only pushes into one particular
branch, like in pushbuild. Is it difficult to achieve? If not, can I request
it from somebody or will need to spend the effort myself?

Can we have buildbot automatically re-build things, say, daily when no
other load is present? I've re-ran maria-5.1 tests on my machine several
times and it failed all three times with different number of failing tests,
which is an indication of precence of random failures. (In Sun/MySQL I used
to push fixes that touch only comments in order to trigger re-builds and
catch random failures)

Can we have buildbot also process other branches? maria trees are public-
facing trees, so I suppose that means we should not break them too often, 
and one way to do that is to have staging trees where features could be 
tested before they are pushed into the main tree.  

One could argue that this could be achieved by autopush, but autopush only 
uses one platform, doesn't save/keep track of test run results, etc. My
experience at Sun/MySQL shows that pushbuild (and I suppose buildbot) over a 
separate branch is much better. It runs different tests on different 
platforms, pedantically records test results (where everyone can see them),
etc etc.

Is it possible to set up buildbot to run several configurations, but one after
the other? Looking at the buildbot status page, I see that
 - there are not too many hosts
 - they are idle most of the time.
Suppose I want to use my 32/64 box to build 32 and 64 bit, debug and release,
using gcc and sunstudio. That's 2^3 = 8 combinations, but I don't want to 
have 8 build bots running in parallel (I dont think the box has enough RAM for

I myself have almost repaired my desktop computer, so we can expect to have a
dual 32/64-bit buildbot slave to be added as soon as I finish setting things
up (sometime this week).

Sergey Petrunia, Software Developer
Monty Program AB, http://askmonty.org
Blog: http://s.petrunia.net/blog

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