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Re: MariaDB + PBXT


On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 10:38:19AM +0200, Paul McCullagh wrote:
> I was not aware of this bit of magic! :)
> So to correct this I will have to redo the integration of PBXT is into  
> MariaDB.
> I think it would also be best if I redid the integration of PBXT into  
> the Drizzle/PBXT tree because some of the merges have been done  
> manually, so the history is missing.

err... should be okay if done off the tree I originally did for Drizzle
(i think this has been the case)

> Or would I get the same effect if I just followed Stewart's procedure  
> and merged over the pbxt files that already exist (in the MariaDB and  
> Drizzle/PBXT trees)?

That may not be the best... probably lots of conflicts on files and
having to work out which is right (and conflicts on directory paths

best to extract patches you want, commit upstream, then merge in.
Stewart Smith