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Re: Bzr merge order



>>>>> "Kristian" == Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Kristian> Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Following up on this, I just learned about the bzr option
>> append_revisions_only that can be set on a branch.

Kristian> Any opinions on this?

Kristian> Having thought more on this, I really think we should enable
Kristian> append_revisions_only.

Kristian> There are many tools (and people as well) that depend on revision numbers and
Kristian> have no knowledge about using revid: revision ids. And they often get confused
Kristian> when a push changes the revision numbers of lots of recent commits.

Kristian> Just two days ago on Tuesday, the merge of MySQL 5.1 changed the last 6
Kristian> revision numbers or so, and this seems to have confused the Buildbot Bzr code
Kristian> to the point where it choose to not build the new merge at all. (I have written
Kristian> and installed a new method for Buildbot to detect pushes that hopefully solves
Kristian> this problem. But I fear there are more places in the Buildbot code which
Kristian> assumes revision numbers are simple numbers that can be compared meaningfully
Kristian> to determine their ordering).

Kristian> In any case, having simple revision numbers that correctly reflect the push
Kristian> history is just so much nicer to work with, and this is something I really
Kristian> missed with Bitkeeper and Pushbuild.

Kristian> So unless there are objections, I want to implement this change early next
Kristian> week. At most, developers will need to do an extra pull into a fresh clone of
Kristian> main trees before pushing, if they forget this when merging up. And if needed,
Kristian> we can probably ask Bzr developers to implement a simple --reverse or
Kristian> --use-other-as-base option to make even this extra step unnecessary.

Kristian>  - Kristian.

Agree with above.

Kurt, can you talk with the bzr devlopers to implement a --reverse
merge option to bzr?