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Re: Buildbot questions



>>>>> "Kristian" == Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


Kristian> One problem right now is that we do not really have much in the way of build
Kristian> host resources. Just a couple of machines kindly donated by community, some of
Kristian> them also doing other work. And the Valgrind host is currently my desktop
Kristian> machine. So we do not currently have unlimited build capacity, but we can
Kristian> probably get more as community steps up or we buy machines ourselves to
Kristian> satisfy any future needs.

For now, you can use work@xxxxxxxxxxxx for the valgrind builds.
(We just need to be able to temporarly stop builds on this when we
want to run benchmarks).

>> One could argue that this could be achieved by autopush, but autopush only 
>> uses one platform, doesn't save/keep track of test run results, etc. My
>> experience at Sun/MySQL shows that pushbuild (and I suppose buildbot) over a 
>> separate branch is much better. It runs different tests on different 
>> platforms, pedantically records test results (where everyone can see them),
>> etc etc.

Kristian> I did discuss with Monty several times the idea to have some kind of autopush
Kristian> functionality in the Buildbot, so one could push to a staging tree, and if
Kristian> compile and test passes on all hosts, it will be pushed to main trees
Kristian> automatically. But it is not something I have started working on at the
Kristian> moment.

Yes, that would be nice!

Kristian> Also, Don Kehn, whom I know from when we were colleagues, has mentined that he
Kristian> would like to do some work on Buildbot.

It would be real nice to get more people involved with this!