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Re: bzr commit into MariaDB 5.1, with Maria 1.5:maria branch (knielsen:2706)


Daniel Bartholomew <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Monty> Agree.  Until we get a maintiner, I assume Daniel can start looking at
> Monty> these.o

That would be great. I just pushed the imported files to lp:maria.

> for the Knowledgebase. Do you know if it is the installation
> instructions, the man pages, the help tables, or portions of all of
> them which are partly out of date?

I do not know. However, I think it is safe to assume that they are all out of
date to some degree at least.

Probably the most important is to update the installation instructions to be
up-to-date and refer properly to MariaDB rather than MySQL, as having these be
wrong or inaccurate is quite confusing to users.

 - Kristian.