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Re: Sphinx Storage engine for MariaDB


Hi Monty, all

On 30/07/2009, at 6:02 PM, Michael Widenius wrote:
Arjen> In 5.1 it's a pluggable.
Arjen> So the question is, do we want to compile it in, or compile it "with"
Arjen> and leave it as a pluggable.
Arjen> Then a user just has to explicitly INSTALL PLUGIN once, and otherwise
Arjen> there's no RAM use at all.

Arjen> Compiling it in has the advantage of everybody having it enabled,
Arjen> which make starting to use it a tiny bit easier.
Arjen> But it may be close to a moot point, in 5.1

I think we should compile all the plugin in (but not enable all by
default), at least for now, to make MariaDB as easy to use as

Sounds good, that was the exisitng plan for the 5.1 OurDelta builds we've been working with. The hassle was that some engines first objected to getting built in- tree, including PBXT and FederatedX. So that ate some time.

Later we can consider if we want to have 'mariadb-min, mariadb and
mariadb-max' versions that have different compilation/configure

I don't think that makes sense. Since in 5.1 they're pluggable, we can later on just build them as a pluggable and people can INSTALL PLUGIN if they need the particular component. No need for different builds, that's just confusing (and a heck of a lot more -unnecessary- work) on the build end.

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