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Re: Sphinx Storage engine for MariaDB



>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Golubchik <sergii@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Hi, Arjen!
Sergei> On Aug 06, Arjen Lentz wrote:
>> On 06/08/2009, at 4:48 PM, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
>>> On Jul 30, Michael Widenius wrote:
>>>> I think we should compile all the plugin in (but not enable all by
>>>> default), at least for now, to make MariaDB as easy to use as
>>>> possible.
>>> On the opposite, I think you should compile them all out.
>>> But preinstall them, that is add necessary lines to mysql.plugin table
>>> from mysql_install_db. The user experience will be pretty much the same
>>> as if everything was compiled in, but one would be able to uninstall
>>> plugins easily, if needed.
>> We considered this earlier.
>> It'd work for new installs, but not for existing ones so they'd have them 
>> all disabled until manually added.

Sergei> That's not too different from other changes in system tables.
Sergei> mysql_fix_privilege_tables is generally recommended after an upgrade
Sergei> anyway.

mysql_fix_privilege_tables changes tables to be the newest version.

We can't do this with the plugins, as we don't know for an old
installation what plugins the user wanted to install.

Just letting mysql_fix_privilege_tables install all plugins will thus
not work.


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