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Re: Windows installer kick-off


Hi Sergey, all

On 14/10/2009, at 6:41 PM, Sergey Petrunya wrote:
On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 12:44:01AM +0200, Peter Laursen wrote:
The billion dollar question is: what options should a config wizard
(ideally) provide?
base configuration (memory requirements, #of_connections assumed): use:
mini, midi, medium. large, huge --template
default storage engine: MyISAM, Maria, XtraDB, PBXT
default charset: latin1, utf8, custom
enable slow log: yes|no
enable general log: yes|no
enable query cache: yes|no
.. what else is important?
Parameters that would allow to install multiple servers side-by side:
port to listen on, named pipe name, perhaps windows service name.
Binary log should probably always be enabled.

Forget the named pipe, since it's slower.

I don't think work on installer should include development of a configurator that will cover all options. Imo, the goals of install-time configurator should

* Allow one to get to runnable setup always. This means ability to specify install directory, port number, service name (i.e. allow to change any
 setting that might get into conflict with something).

install dir (default derived from version), service name, port number... yes.

* Allow to change 'simple' options (e.g. what to use as default storage engine, sql_mode, and other stuff that a newcomer might be immediately interested in.

A newcomer does not know enough to either sensibly decide on storage engine, or sql_mode. So we should pick what is sensible, and that's InnoDB with sql_mode=TRADITIONAL. As I noted, this is already what the Sun/MySQL Windows wizard defaults to, unless you specify that you don't want transactions. Now the latter is something I don't care for asking, because people really don't appreciate the implications of the question. Furthermore, it would be great to have MariaDB be ACID compliant "out of the box", on all platforms. And it'd be nice if the config on Windows would be (at least broadly) the same as on *nix.

I don't think it makes sense to offer the user to specify options like
query_cache_size - there's hardly anybody who could come up with a meaningful value at install time. Most users won't know, those who know exactly will
probably prefer to edit the config file over using installer's GUI.


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