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Re: Windows installer kick-off



>>>>> "Arjen" == Arjen Lentz <arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Arjen> Hi Sergey, all
Arjen> On 14/10/2009, at 6:41 PM, Sergey Petrunya wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 12:44:01AM +0200, Peter Laursen wrote:
>>> The billion dollar question is: what options should a config wizard
>>> (ideally) provide?
>>> .
>>> base configuration (memory requirements, #of_connections assumed):  
>>> use:
>>> mini, midi, medium. large, huge --template
>>> default storage engine: MyISAM, Maria, XtraDB, PBXT
>>> default charset: latin1, utf8, custom
>>> enable slow log: yes|no
>>> enable general log: yes|no
>>> enable query cache: yes|no
>>> .. what else is important?
>> Parameters that would allow to install multiple servers side-by side:
>> port to listen on, named pipe name, perhaps windows service name.
>> Binary log should probably always be enabled.

Arjen> Forget the named pipe, since it's slower.

As far as I remember if you access MySQL with named pipes from another
machine it's faster than sockets.
(I did the testing at the same time we got the named pipe code).

>From the internet I find:

"In simple performance tests, it appears that named pipe access is
between 30%-50% faster than the standard TCP/IP access. However, this
varies per system, and named pipes are slower than TCP/IP in many
Windows configurations."

"We were testing successfuly MySQL 5.0 using named pipe, and what an
increase in speed! 50% in the case of this big project"

So it seams that you can gain a lot or loose a bit.



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